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Head Office
Tel: +27 (0)21 842 0003
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Tree Sales

Over the years, Trees South Africa has harnessed production and supply methods to consistently produce top quality container-grown trees. Today, we can offer you arguably the widest selection of trees from indigenous to exotic to special feature trees.

All our trees are hand-selected for good vigour, structure and form, typical to the species. The spacing in our nurseries is carefully considered too; by allowing ample space for a balanced tree crown to develop and keeping stem diameter growth in proportion to tree height, we guarantee sturdy, top-quality, hardened-off trees that have no need for support-staking.

Our Tree Warehouses

We currently have nurseries covering 25 hectares around the Cape Peninsula and Southern Cape. Four of these - Corner, Raithby, Papyrus and Zandberg – are situated in at the foot of the pristine Helderberg mountains, just off the R44, between Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

You'll find our Southern Cape warehouse along the Garden Route at the start of the picturesque Karatara Pass in Sedgefield.

Our Tree Sizes

Visit one of our vast nurseries and you'll be able to buy trees in a range of sizes. Our smallest tree fits into a 250-litre bag, followed by 500-, 1000-, 2000-, 3000-, and 4500-litre bags. Special individual bag sizes
then go up to 7000 litres. What this means in height-terms is that whether you need a tree that's 2.5m tall, or one that's 15m tall, we'll have it.

Tree Sizes

Our Prices

You'll find prices and tree availability on our website. We assign unique numbers to our trees, record their dimensions and track their growth individually. As we update these figures continuously, you'll be able to search for and access the latest information.

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