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Relocation & Rescue

Tree Relocation

Maturity comes with experience and Trees South Africa has spent decades understanding large trees. We've recorded how they grow, we've analysed what makes them resilient, and we've developed proprietary systems and processes to ensure they flourish.

So when it comes to relocation, our track record is our guarantee.

Our machinery isn't just engineered to deliver and plant our trees, we can also relocate your trees. Where before, you might have had to fell a tree that was in the wrong place, now we can move it to a more suitable part of your garden for you. You'll retain a beautiful tree as well as the value to your property.

With our long established knowledge of local species and conditions, and tried and tested experience you'll be employing a truly specialist service. We could even go as far as to say "a one of a kind service" as we've successfully executed tree relocations never thought possible in South Africa. Have a look at some of our installations over the years.

Tree Rescue

If there's a tree in the way of your extension, your new driveway, or your proposed swimming pool, please don't pull out the chainsaw.

Why fell a tree when you can give it a new lease on life, or at the very least, a new home? In fact, it's quite possible that relocating it to a new home would be at no cost to you.

Some factors will dictate the possibility of rescuing a tree:

  • The tree must be in good health and shape
  • If it needs serious hauling to be lifted out, it must be easily accessible by a crane truck
  • It should not be a banned or an alien invasive species
  • The tree should not be located within a 2m radius of underground service supply lines (like water pipes, sewerage, electricity, or telephone cables) or permanent structures (like paving, walls, or foundations.)

Trees play an extremely important role in our lives. They produce the oxygen everything on earth needs to survive and they serve as filters to clean the air we breathe.

They have a major impact on rainfall and climate change (especially now, in this age of environmental crisis), and they enhance our lives and properties. Trees are essential to our wellbeing. Make sure they prosper.

If you'd like to find out whether we can relocate or rescue your tree, please take a photo of your tree and email it to us, or contact us for more information.

Case studies

Nieuwe Steenberg - Platanus Tree

1st of 10 mature Platanus trees to be relocated at Nieuwe Steenberg

Size: 14 x 8 meter  |  Weight: 7ton  |  Root ball: 2.3m diameter
Challenge: Only 2.5 m space allowed between the centre of the stem and a high voltage utility line at 8 metres above the ground. The relocation has to be done with the trees still in full leaf, and due to excavations on the western side, staking anchorage is only possible from the side facing the ESKOM lines.

Click on an image to read the full description.

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