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Tree Monitoring Service

To ensure that newly planted trees establish optimally, we offer an optional tree monitoring service. The peace of mind that this service brings is invaluable. It includes monthly visits to do soil moisture assessments as well as adjustments to irrigation if required.
In fact, we'll never leave you without support. With every tree purchase, we'll issue you with irrigation specifications and a seasonal watering schedule based on the tree species and the soil type of your site.

Our tree monitoring service typically entails at least one visit per month to the planted tree(s) to do the following:

  • Take a number of soil samples distributed both horizontally and vertically across the root ball zone of the tree
  • The soil moisture contents of the various soil samples taken with a special soil-probing instrument, is assessed
  • If necessary, the watering program is adjusted to achieve the optimal soil moisture in the root ball
  • Watering programs are also adjusted to allow for the changes in season and differentiating between requirements for deciduous and evergreen trees
  • Clients receive monthly reports and any required changes or aspects causing concern, are being reported, or the client is given instructions to take the necessary remedial action.
  • The watering of large planted or transplanted trees, especially during the summer months, is critical to the survival of each tree and the speedy establishment of new roots. In cases of extreme wind and heat, the lack of incorrect or ineffective application of water can lead to the death of trees within a period as short as 7 days. For more detailed information on the effective watering of large, newly planted trees, click here.

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